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    Freezer and Cooler lighting


    When it comes to freezers, you have to be cool to be kind. Help the environment and drive down energy costs, with LED lights that don’t heat up your coolers. Bright, clean light enhances the color and quality of your products, making them more eye-catching.


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    Systems  for Freezer and Cooler lighting

    Freezer and Cooler

    Lighting products

    • InteGrade LED engine system
      InteGrade LED engine system
      The InteGrade LED engine system is a sustainable and energy-efficient way to create an enjoyable shopping experience.The system can be used for shelf and linear accent lighting. Wi...
    • Affinium LED freezer modules 393
      Affinium LED freezer modules 393

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    The pressure on reducing energy, maintenance costs and operating costs will continue to increase so that climate change and budget objectives can be met. Understanding the total costs of an lighting installation over it's whole life time is becoming increasingly important as budgets become tighter and long term planning is required.


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