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        Product family information

        In 2008 the arrival of the Stela family heralded a revolution in street lighting. In Stela+ gen2 we are now presenting the next generation of LEDs and introducing programmable drivers. The REVOLED cooling and light distribution concept enables tremendous energy savings and a corresponding reduction in CO2 emissions, whilst meeting current lighting standards. Excellent thermal management of the LEDs ensures a very long lifetime, eliminating the need for lamp replacement. Higher flux per LED, flux tuning (using L-Tune) and the option of employing Constant Light Output (CLO) make it possible either to reduce the number of LEDs needed (lower cost per light point) or, when using the same number of LEDs as before, to reduce the power consumption (lower Total Cost of Ownership).


        REVOLED technology for maximum efficiency
        Fit-and-forget solution – operates at low current
        Choice of lens optics to match street geometries
        Equipped with a service tag, a QR-based identification system that makes each luminaire uniquely identifiable and provides maintenance, installation and spare part information


        Guaranteed long lifetime: up to 100,000 hours (L-Tune tool)
        Very attractive Total Cost of Ownership, ensuring sustainable investment
        Low energy consumption and small carbon footprint
        Easy installation and maintenance


        Traffic routes: inter-urban main roads, roundabouts, cycle paths, pedestrian crossings, parking areas
        Residential: streets, cycle paths & footpaths, roundabouts, pedestrian crossings, squares/parks and playgrounds, parking areas
        City centers: boulevards and avenues, side streets, squares and parks, pedestrian and shopping areas, pedestrian crossings, public transport, cycle paths and footpaths, parking areas
        Large outdoor areas: industrial sites, harbors, airports, waterways, rail yards
        Software Plugins
        Related tools
        Product family details
        • BPP612 (Wide version)
        • BPP614 (Square version)
        • BPP616 (Long version)
        Light source
        • Integral LED-module
        Power (+/-10%)
        • BPP 612: 18-119 W
        • BPP 614: 8-43 W
        • BPP 616: 8-72 W
        Luminous flux
        • BPP 612: 1,750-13,250 lm
        • BPP 614: 750-4,650 lm
        • BPP 616: 750-7,700 lm
        Luminaire efficacy
        • BPP 612: 91-125 lm/W BPP 614: 90-119 lm/W BPP 616: 90-119 lm/W
        Correlated Colour Temperature
        • 3,000, 4,000 or 5,700 K
        Colour Rendering Index
        • Cool white: 70
        • Neutral white: 75
        • Warm white: 80
        Lumen maintenance at median useful life* 100,000 h
        • min L80
        Control gear failure rate at median useful life 100,000 h
        • 10%
        Performance Ambient Temperature Tq
        • +25 ºC
        Operating temperature range
        • -20 to +35 ºC
        • Integrated programmable driver
        Mains voltage
        • 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
        Inrush current
        • 40 W: 65 A at 100 ms
        • 75 W: 80 A at 150 ms
        • 100 W: 80 A at 150 ms
        • 15 W: 118 A at 140 ms
        • Dimmable versions available with: 1-10 V / DALI / DynaDimmer / SDU
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