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        Product family information

        FlexElite is latest, brightest and most flexible member of our popular Flex family, and it includes a from-the-ground-up redesign of all major elements, from its form factor to internal electronics to mechanical design. We created FlexElite to meet the challenges posed by large, unconventional buildings and structures. At its core, you’ll find an innovative modular design that lets you create the exact number and configuration of nodes needed for your design. FlexElite’s sections and jump leads click together quickly and easily, allowing unequalled customisation that is impossible with less-modular solutions. With FlexElite, you choose the node count – and the length and spacing between them – that meets the exact needs of each project. Longer run lengths and node spacing let you take on larger challenges than possible in the past. FlexElite RGBA adds a separate amber LED which expands the available range of colours to include warmer tones such as rich gold, yellow and orange shades.


        Flexible strings fit nearly any architecture
        Unmatched flexibility to customise node count and spacing
        Four times the brightness of the previous generation


        Large-Scale Installations – FlexElite’s modular design frees you from the limitations posed by static numbers of nodes on flexible cables – enabling longer run lengths and node spacing.
        Brighter Output – FlexElite is the brightest Flex luminaire available, outputting more than 120 lumens per node.
        Four-Colour Options – FlexElite luminaires are natively designed as four-channel luminaires.
        Maximum Output – We tune all FlexElite nodes for maximum output, ensuring high performance that goes well beyond comparable luminaires.


        RGBA direct-view effect lighting
        Low-resolution video display
        RGBA low-profile outdoor cove/accent lighting
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