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        Product family information

        Thanks to the GreenSpace Accent family, retailers and building operators can make the switch from CDM to LED and enjoy Philips PerfectAccent light quality as well as significant energy savings – all for a reasonable initial investment. GreenSpace Accent Elbow’s regular cut-out makes retrofit installation quick and easy by a single installer.For food retailers, GreenSpace Accent Elbow comes with special light recipes to enhance the store ambiance and show the produce in the very best light: Fresh Food Champagne is the perfect solution for displaying fruit, vegetables, cheese, bread and pastries in a warm lighting ambiance, while Fresh Food Meat creates the best light setting for meat enhancement in a cool natural ambiance. Fashion retailers can also choose from a variety of light flavors: CrispWhite is the clear choice to make colors appear rich and intense while keeping whites bright, and PremiumWhite is the best CDM alternative for high color rendering in a warm lighting ambiance.


        Hassle-free replacement of CDM recessed luminaires
        Short payback compared with CDM luminaires due to high system efficacy
        High-quality accent lighting thanks to PerfectAccent reflector’s light signature


        High efficacy
        Philips PerfectAccent quality of light
        CDM retrofit recessed luminaire; easy to install
        Clean, robust design


        Retail stores, especially food and fashion stores
        Public spaces such as shopping malls, train stations, airports, etc.
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        Product family details
        • RS342B
        Ceiling type
        • Plaster (board) ceiling
        Light source
        • Non-replaceable LED module
        • 18, 29 and 38.5 W (for light colour 830, LED17S, LED27S, LED39S)
        • 30 and 46.5 W (for light colour Fresh Food Meat, LED19S and LED26S)
        • 44 W (for light colour Fresh Food Champagne, LED27S)
        • 21, 33 and 50 W (for CrispWhite LED17S, LED27S, LED39S)
        • 19.4, 28.5 and 48.5 W (for PremiumWhite LED17S, LED27S, LED39S)
        Beam angle
        • 12º (NB), 25º (MB), 37º (WB)
        Luminous flux
        • 1,700, 2,700, 3,900 lm (for light colour 830)
        • 1,900 or 2,600 lm (for light colour Fresh Food Meat, LED19S or LED26S)
        • 2,600 lm (for light colour Fresh Food Champagne, LED27S)
        • 1,700, 2,700, 3,600 lm (for light colour CrispWhite)
        Correlated Colour Temperature
        • 2,700, 3,000 and 4,000 K (827, 830, 840)
        • Fresh Food Meat (FMT)
        • Fresh Food Champagne (CH)
        • CrispWhite (CRW)
        • PremiumWhite (PW9)
        Colour Rendering Index
        • >80 (for 2,700, 3,000 and 4,000 K)
        • >90 (for Fresh Food Champagne, Fresh Food Meat and PremiumWhite)
        • >92 (for CrispWhite)
        Standard deviation colour matching (SDCM)
        • 3 (with a tolerance of +/- 0.005 on colour point measurement)
        Lumen maintenance at median useful life* 50,000 h
        • L80
        Control gear failure rate at median useful life 50,000 h
        • 5%
        Performance Ambient Temperature Tq
        • +25 ºC
        Operating temperature range
        • 0 to +35 ºC
        • Separate
        Mains voltage
        • 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
        • DALI dimming and Constant Light Output
        • Housing and rim: die-cast aluminium
        • Cover: acrylic
        • White (RAL9003), silver (RAL9006) and black (RAL9004)
        • Push-in connector or with pull relief
        • Wieland/Adels compatible connector with cable length 0.5 m (CW)
        • Push-in connector with loop-through wiring enabled for non-DALI versions (CU3)
        • Push-in connector with loop-through wiring enabled for DALI versions (CU5)
        • Fixed with spring fasteners
        • Fresh Food Champagne (CH) is the dedicated light recipe for bread and pastries, fruits and vegetables areas. It brings a warm traditional ambience.
        • Fresh Food Meat (FMT) is a dedicated light recipe for meat counters. It brings a natural cool light setting.
        • CrispWhite (CRW) is the dedicated light recipe for fashion retailers which makes whites appear pure and bright while at the same time making other colours appear warm, saturated and intense
        • PremiumWhite is the best CDM Elite alternative for high colour rendering with a warm colour of light for fashion and food retailers.
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