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Table lamp

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    Table lamp

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    SleepTime Mickey is a table lamp with night time indication. Bringing comfort to parents by helping their child to understand when to stay in bed and when it's ok to get up by showing a soft-glowing moon or sun. An ideal bedside companion! See all benefits


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  • For kids

    For kids

    This Philips and Disney light for your child's bedroom creates an environment which encourages children to indulge in what they enjoy most – fun and creativity! A place where your child can study, play and sleep accompanied by their favorite Disney character. This light is designed to be safe for your child.

  • High quality LED light

    High quality LED light

    SleepTime has an extremely low power consumption of only 2 x 1W, while providing a high light output (140 Lumen) at the same time. With a light temperature of 2700 Kelvin, SleepTime provides gentle and soothing warm white light.

  • Cool to touch and child-friendly

    This light is completely safe for children, because it is made of child-friendly materials and uses LED light, which is always cool to touch.

  • Durable and drop proof

    This light is durable and drop proof, without sharp edges and made out of durable material. Making sure your kids will have imaginative moments without any worries.

  • Ideal light for reading bedtime stories

    SleepTime Mickey is great for soothing bedtime stories that helps children to fall asleep. The diffused warm white light of SleepTime Mickey is gentle and provides the perfect light output for good visibility while reading.

  • Soft glowing moon as night time indicator

    At bedtime, the right button on SleepTime Mickey's belly lights up showing a moon. The moon sheds a subtle night light reassuring your child during the night and indicating that when the moon is there, he / she needs to stay in bed.

  • Soft glowing sun as day time indicator

    When it is ok to get out of bed, according to the timer you have set on the bottom, the left button on Mickey's belly will light up. A sun will show, letting your child know that it is ok to come out of bed.

  • Fun and easy on/off switch

    Press on the top of SleepTime Mickey's head and it lights up with a gentle warm white reading light.

  • Easy to set-up morning time

    With the intuitive on-product control at the bottom of the lamp, parents can set the clock and timer at the time they think it's OK for their child to come out of bed and start its day. The interface is easy and simple to use.

  • Energy saving

    The LED technology used in SleepTime has a long-lasting lifetime of at least 20.000 hours. Using only a few watts of power, SleepTime is thus an extremely energy sufficient reading, night and morning light.

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