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    Giving a TV station
    a great reception

    200 Gray’s Inn Road,

    London, UK


    Find out how 200 Gray’s Inn Road is welcoming and wowing visitors with light

    Outside area at 200 grays inn, with a view on the luminous textile

    The effect has been

    and has added an air of sophistication to the reception that has received almost universal praise – which in a building full of journalists and broadcasters is difficult to achieve.”

    -Ian McArdle, IMA
    View on the luminous textile panels
    Close up on the luminous textile panel

    Customer challenge


    200 Gray’s Inn Road is a broadcasting mecca. Based in the heart of London, this iconic building is host to multiple TV giants such as ITN, ITV and Channel 4. To enhance the space and reflect the creative nature of the building, some stylish lighting was required for the building’s reception.

    Luminous textile panel

    The right lighting


    When it comes to the TV industry, first impressions make a big difference. With this in mind, building architects IMA decided to re-fit the reception area with some exciting lighting. “In terms of the building’s operation it would have been very difficult to remodel the existing system” recalled IMA’s Ian McArdle. “We therefore decided to augment it with new and exciting solutions that are now available.”

    Luminous textile panels were ready to make a grand entrance. These large surfaces project vibrant colors that change and move, creating a unique and inspiring atmosphere. At the same time, they soften sound and absorb echoes, making the space more welcoming. Five of these panels were mounted in a bespoke aluminum framework behind the reception desk.

    The new installation creates an ‘art wall’ within the reception that has an immediate impact on people entering the building. Because of the way the panels are angled, the appearance seems to change as people approach, delivering a captivating first impression.

    “The luminous textile panels are a very exciting addition to the reception” said Ian McArdle. Plans have since been made to extend the reception area, and Luminous textile panels will continue to play a key role in maintaining a vibrant and exciting environment.

    Luminous Textile

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