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    Laurèl flagship store, Munich, Germany

    Find out how interior lighting design is helping Laurèl to convey a unique brand message.
    Products on display at Laurèl-flagship-exterior-lighting, lit by Philips retail lights

    Our slogan 'See, Feel, Love'

    represents a clear message: our fashion is more than design and quality. It’s pure emotion. This is reflected perfectly by the exceptional luminous textile panels in our new shop concept.”


    - Evelyn Lagoyannis, Head of Visual Merchandising & Store Design at Laurèl

    Philips luminous textiles with Kvadrat Soft Cells - Innovative retail lighting
    Eataly store lit with Philips retail lighting

    Customer challenge

    Laurèl in Munich is a store with spirit. As the flagship outlet of an internationally renowned clothing brand, the shop needed to embody the Laurèl philosophy: ‘See, Feel, Love’. Could light create the right ambience to stir up emotion and make it fun for customers to wander around?
    Exterior of Laurèl flagship store nicely lit with Philips lighting

    The right lighting


    Bringing the brand’s vision to life in the store required innovative interior design and artistic lighting. Vintage furniture provided a warm, relaxed atmosphere, which was offset by cooler features such as industrial windows, steel, and glass. The theme of nature was introduced through a ‘vertical garden’; a special construction with plants growing from an illuminated wall.


    The two floors of the store were linked together visually by Philips large luminous surfaces with Kvadrat soft cells. This innovative textile panel produces dynamic light displays that are controlled via computer. The resulting visuals create a unique, attractive ambience, which also ensures the brand’s color, purple, runs through the store.


    The panels, due to their textile covering, also absorb excess sound, eliminating any harsh echo. Not only have the new lights given the store amazing stopping power, but they have helped to create a more welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere for shoppers. The new interior lighting design expresses Laurèl’s spirit perfectly, and it is due to be recreated in other stores across Germany.


    “We’re thrilled,” says Evelyn Lagoyannis, Head of Visual Merchandising & Store Design at Laurèl. “The luminous textile panels fit amazingly into the architecture of our store and create a really unique decorative effect. It suits us perfectly."

    Large Luminous Surfaces

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