AmphiLux surface-mounted – light up your outdoor social areas

AmphiLux, surface mounted

AmphiLux, surface mounted

    Product family information

    People want to spend more quality time outdoors with family and friends. The AmphiLux surface-mounted spotlight range is designed to enhance outdoor social areas (gardens, terraces, fountains, waterfalls, etc.) with architectural lighting.AmphiLux is a family of LED spots featuring a stunning, sleek Italian design with a stylish chrome finish. These solutions can be used under water and in semi-wet and dry environments. Available in Micro, Mini and Compact sizes, the range offers a choice of dynamic white-light and colored-light versions for maximum flexibility in tasteful flood and accent lighting.


    All mono-color products are powered via a standard 12 V DC driver, making them safe in human-occupied water and extremely easy to install.
    The dynamic color spots provide a rich color spectrum (RGBW), from fully saturated to soft pastel colors; the color-temperature-variation spots create a variety of white tones.
    The use of LEDs and quality optics make the Amphilux spots very energy-efficient, with energy savings of up to 80% possible, depending on the application.


    Sleek, attractive design
    Highly efficient, low-power LED spots
    Every spot available in the mono-colors high-quality white (2700, 4000, 6000 K) and blue
    Mini and Compact spots also available in dynamic versions with RGBW or color temperature variation
    IP68-rated for underwater use, but also suitable for dry environments
    Very installation-friendly due to 12 V DC driver system for all mono-color spots


    Architectural flood and accent lighting in fountains, waterfalls, gardens or on buildingser system for all mono-color spots
    Product family details
    • BVD400 Micro (1 x LED, Mono color version)
    • BVD410 Mini (4 x LED, Mono and Dynamic color version)
    • BVD420 Compact (12 x LED, Mono and Dynamic color version)
    Light source
    • Non replaceable LED-module
    • Micro versions: 1.5 W
    • Mini version (Mono color): 5 W
    • Mini version (Dynamic color): 4 W
    • Compact version (Mono color): 15 W
    • Compact version (Dynamic color): 12 W
    Beam angle
    • Micro versions: 10, 20 and 35º
    • Mini and Compact versions: 10 and 40º
    Luminous flux
    • Micro versions: +/- 60 lm
    • Mini version: +/- 240 lm
    • Compact version: +/- 720 lm
    Correlated Color Temperature
    • 2700, 4000 and 6000 K for the Mono color versions
    • 2700 - 6000 K for tunable white
    Color Rendering Index
    • > 80 (2700 and 4000 K)
    • > 70 (6000 K)
    Maintenance of lumen output - L90
    • 43.000 hours at 35ºC
    Maintenance of lumen output - L70
    • 147.000 hours at 35ºC
    Maintenance of lumen output - L50
    • > 200.000 hours at 35ºC
    Operating temperature range
    • -20 to +35ºC
    • Built-in for Mono color versions
    • External (DMX-RDM driver) for Dynamic color versions
    Mains voltage
    • 12 V DC for Mono color versions
    • Housing: chromed brass
    • Optical cover: hardened glass
    Corrosion resistance
    • Salt water resistant up to 35gr/L salinity
    • Chlorine resistant if water has a stable PH level between 6.8 and 8
    • Chrome
    • Flying leads
    • Screwed on surface
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