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    Cost effective Telemanagement, with remote control of outdoor lighting on highways, roads, streets and in residential areas. Saves energy by enabling a group of light points to be switched on or off at any given time or set to pre-determined dimming level. Makes outdoor lighting installations intelligent and dynamic, minimizing light pollution and increasing safety.


    Philips provides end-to-end solutions including hosting & connectivity
    Maximum savings thanks to special Philips algorithms
    Uses future-proof and scalable technology


    A turnkey AmpLight solution monitors and controls the control cabinets and provides energy savings of up to 35%
    AmpLight controls can be installed in an existing cabinet to control and monitor the lamps in that cluster
    AmpLight uses a user-friendly software tool capable of showing all the relevant information such as failures, energy consumption, lifetime, etc., and even real-time monitoring using web mapping services from the Internet with an option for customer to use Google maps


    LFC7500 AmpLight CPU
    LFC7520 AmpLight Switch module
    LFC7510 AmpLight Current module
    LFC7530 AmpLight Battery module
    LFC7540 AmpLight MBus
    LFC7550 AmpLight RS485
    LFC7560 AmpLight Euridis


    Designed for highways, roads or street lighting in general, including residential areas
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