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X-tend TPS498 C

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X-tend surface and suspended-mounted luminaires The Philips X-tend family of surface and suspended-mounted luminaires has the perfect combination of cutting-edge technology, functional brilliance and aesthetic appeal. The secret behind X-tend’s superb lighting qualities lies in its optic - based on specially designed 3-dimensional curves that offer highly efficient light distribution. X-tend meets most ceiling void restrictions, allowing architects and engineers ultimate design flexibility.TPS498 These range of high-performance luminaires is suitable for TL-D or TL5 fluorescent lamps and a wide range of optics. Optics are supplied with the luminaire on request with a choice of direct, direct/indirect lighting. Optics for asymmetrical lighting can be used in combination with a top mirror for higher performance on request. Straight coupling pieces allow connection of luminaires in a line.There are two different top covers: cover-solid and PC-indirect (D/I version).The luminaire is developed with ease of installation in mind, it can be suspended without removing the optic and lamp during installation.



Wide selection of best-in-class optics, customized to meet your specific needs
Choice of fluorescent lamps,TL5 or TL-D, efficiency optimized withTL5 version
High-quality finishing for a high quality appearance
Philips V-clip and light weight design, eases installation and maintenance
Direct/indirect lighting, greater beam control
Top mirror on request for higher performance
Pre-fitted optics for quick installation
Accessories offer flexibility in application


Office spaces
Public buildings
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