Versebay Elite – highly efficient high-bay system solution

VerseBay Elite MPK518

VerseBay Elite MPK518

VerseBay Elite MPK518

  • Versebay Elite – highly efficient high-bay system solution

    • Energy-efficient
    • Excellent lighting performance
    • Robust, versatile solution


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Product family information

Manufacturing customers want energy-efficient lighting solutions to help ensure their factories are green. Versebay Elite is a high-bay luminaire incorporating high-efficacy CDM Elite lamp technology, as well as extremely efficient gear, which almost halves energy consumption compared with a conventional metal-halide solution. It also provides brilliant lighting performance with excellent color rendering. Versebay Elite’s choice of wide and narrow beams makes it suitable for a variety of applications. The luminaire’s robust construction and high ingress protection also mean it can be deployed in the most demanding, heavy-duty working environments.


CDM Elite efficacy 115-120 lm/W
PrimoVision driver efficacy 92%, with good thermal control; power factor over 0.98
Well-designed optic; fixture light output ratio 76%
Color rendering > 90


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