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Crestbay HPK888

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    Reliable, effective lighting in any setting is a crucial factor that promotes the senses, productivity, safety and even architecture. Crestbay™ from Philips is precisely designed with this in mind. This highly versatile luminaire delivers outstanding performance in large spaces and in the toughest of environments while assuring quality lighting across a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Moreover, Crestbay™’s innovative SWING-2-BRIGHT™ technology makes maintenance easy, hassle-free and faster than ever before.”



    Suitable with a wide range of Philips lamps types; from highpressure mercury and sodium lamps as to compact discharge lamps
    Three types of reflectors: a small aluminium reflector for 70W-250W lamps, a large aluminium reflector for 250W and 400W lamps, and a prismatic acrylic reflector
    All aluminium reflectors have a gloss mirror inner surface with a choice of narrow, medium or wide light beams. Beams can be selected with an adjustable lamp holder
    Each reflector can be fitted with a glass cover to protect against the ingress of dust and moisture
    High-quality components make Crestbay™ able to withstand high ambient temperature
    Easier, safer and faster re-lamping /maintenance via Philips revolutionary SWING-2-BRIGHT™ technology.


    General industries
    Wet and dusty environments
    Public buildings such as exhibition halls, airports, museums
    Discount stores, hyper/ supermarkets, do-it-yourself shops
    High-end fashion outlets
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