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Xitanium/Fortimo LED Drivers Indoor

Xitanium/Fortimo LED Drivers Indoor

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    The new Fortimo and Xitanium electronic LED drivers are specially designed to operate LED solutions for general lighting applications.There are Xitanium LED driver versions in 17W / 24V,25W / 36V and 45W / 80VThere are fixed-output and dimmable (trailing edge and Touch & DALI) versions..The high output voltage (up to 80V) and adjustable output current (200 to 700mA) enable operation of many LEDs (high light output) and flexibility in LED fixture designThe output current can be set by placing a resistor on your LED PCB (Level 2 board)The new housing design incorporates three different mounting options: independent, screw and click mounting.The 25W and 45W versions also feature a 12V output to operate active cooling or decorative LED light effects.The Xitanium LED driver 45W/80V is available in fixed-output version in an independent housing.


    One driver can be used for various LED PCB solutions from different LED manufacturers
    Enables use of lighting controls to increase energy savings
    Guarantees product specifications, incl. lifetime
    Design freedom: enables smaller luminaire designs
    Savings on logistics:
    One SKU for three different product variants
    Flexibility when volumes are still small
    LED engine can be changed while driver is connected to mains (hot wiring)
    Increased lifetime for LED engine (ripple current)


    Adjustable output current from 200 / 300 to 700 / 1000mA
    Versions with trailing edge and Touch & DALI dimming protocols
    Temperature derating via NTC (negative thermal coefficient)
    25W dimmable and 45W fixed output with 12V output for active cooling
    New flexible housing design
    Hot wiring (Xitanium types)
    Improved ripple current


    Recommended dimmer list for trailing edge dimming types:
    Busch-Jaeger: 6513U-102
    Jung–licht management: 225T DE


    Offices (representative areas such as reception areas, boardrooms, restaurants, etc.)
    Public buildings (airports, cinemas, theaters, exhibition halls)
    High-end shops
    Retail (supermarkets, bakery/butcher’s shops, leather goods, etc.)
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