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Xitanium Constant Current Xtreme

Breakthrough in performance, flexibility and reliability

Xitanium Constant Current Xtreme

      Product family information

      Xitanium Xtreme LED drivers provide constant current output, optimal for a single string of LEDs. With exceptional operating efficiency, our drivers significantly reduce energy costs. The Xitanium Xtreme portfolio offers both central and standalone dimming protocols further increasing the energy savings and CO2 reductions achieved with LED lighting. The fully programmable drivers deliver all dimming options and a range of currents in a single driver. System reliability is maximized with intelligent temperature monitoring of the LED light engine. The full portfolio offers maximum flexibility with customizable operating settings, delivering optimal performance tailored for each design.


      Design flexibility - one driver can be programmed for many different luminaire designs
      Improved logistics and stock management
      Peace of mind on product performance


      Xtreme standard: Long lifetime, robust protection against moisture, vibration and temperature extremes
      Module temperature protection
      Adjustable output current
      Constant Light Output
      Multiple dimming protocols


      Urban street lighting
      Functional road & tunnel lighting
      Area and flood illumination
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