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HID-PrimaVision Xtreme for CPO - Xtreme drivers for the highest reliability

PrimaVision Xtreme for CPO

PrimaVision Xtreme for CPO

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    Highly reliable electronic drivers for CPO lamps; designed to save energy by offering better light efficiency than magnetic drivers and to reduce maintenance costs thanks to 80,000-hour lifetime and integrated lightning protection


    Together with the CPO lamp the driver creates the most efficient white-light system in the industry in its power range
    Up to 15% energy saving due to the high driver efficiency (92%) and better wattage control at overvoltage (compared
    ith magnetic ballasts)
    Minimises maintenance cost due to the Xtreme lifetime of 80,000 hours and integrated lightning protection


    Xtreme long lifetime of 80,000 hours, with minimum 90% survival at Tc = 80 °C)
    Xtreme lightning protection 10 kV/5 kA
    Xtreme protection against humidity and vibration
    Better lighting efficiency than magnetic ballasts
    Accurate lamp power stabilisation of 95-97% over wide mains-voltage range of 180-300 V


    Residential lighting
    City beautification
    Road/highway lighting
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